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Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis
Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis


The following committees are organized and chaired by the Officers and Board Members of ILABA, in service of fulfilling its mission and values.

Access to resources produced by Committees will be posted to either the Resources page and/or the forums. Some resources may only be accessible by ILABA members.

ILABA members are encouraged to join and participate on committees. If you are interested in doing so, please contact the chair of the committee below.  The schedule of committee meetings is available in the 'upcoming events' tab.  

Academic Programs Committee
Sara Baillie, Chair
The goal of the Academic Programs Committee is to communicate/educate the behavior analytic academic community in Illinois, connect students across universities, and organize and collaborate with Verified Course Sequences (VCSes) across the state.

Conference Planning Committee
Jessia Topalov, Chair
The goal of the Conference Planning Committee is to host an annual conference and pre-conference workshop featuring presenters from a variety of disciplines within the field of behavior analysis. 

Insurance Task Force
Brigid McCormick, Chair
The goal of the Insurance Task Force is to build relationships/partnerships with funding sources/payors, create educational materials about ABA and educate funding sources/payors about ABA, advocate for increased/expanded coverage (Medicaid, ADHD, addiction, etc.).

Legislative Affairs Committee
Candice Gizewski, Chair
The goal of the Legislative Affairs committee is to support legislative efforts related to the practice and science of behavior analysis in Illinois through educating and engaging ILABA members, legislators, and public stakeholders regarding these issues.

Practitioner Education Committee
Ali Carris
The goal of the Practitioner Education Committee is to make ILABA the number one stop for resources and education for Illinois' behavior analyst, through the creation of a robust library of resources and hosting regularly-scheduled educational and networking events for ABA service providers. 

Sponsorship Committee
Scott Herbst, Chair
The goal of the sponsorship committee is to recruit and engage sponsors, design and manage benefits for sponsors, and form partnerships with tech and insurance companies.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi, Chair
The goal of the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee is to promote diversity within the field of Behavior Analysis in Illinois, create initiatives to better reach all Illinois consumers, and educate behavior analysts to better serve all populations.