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Westside Thank You Video

Last year we started a really special project here at Westside. The goal was to recognize and thank our amazing staff for everything they do. Our Westside Families pulled together and we think the results speak for themselves. Thank you, Westsiders!What’s your Westside Story? #ThankYou #OurWestsideStory

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Westside Children’s Therapy is a leading provider of pediatric therapy in Illinois. Westside’s services include physical, occupational, speech, behavior, feeding, and neurofeedback therapy to children with developmental disabilities. Westside operates private therapy clinics in the suburbs of Chicago.

Core Values & Beliefs

1. RELATIONSHIPS – Westside believes in helping its patients families feel supported, so much that patients consider Westside an extended member of their family and the clinic a second home.

2. TEAMWORK – Westside believes in the power of teamwork. We work together respectfully and refrain from actions that take away from becoming a more cohesive team. Our teams work together to provide the best possible, end-to-end experience.

3. COMMUNICATION – Westside believes in continuous improvement through constructive feedback and open communication. We feel comfortable identifying opportunities for Westside to get better, and we communicate ideas with a positive, forward-thinking attitude. We always communicate professionally and proactively.

4. GROWTH – Westside believes in growth both for employees as individuals and over the long term, of the organization. Without growth, we restrict the collective impact we can have on children in need.

5. ATTITUDE – Westside believes in creating a “work hard, have fun”  culture where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work and being part of the Westside family. Each employee’s attitude positively strengthens the culture.

6. INITIATIVE – Westside values action and decisiveness over inaction. We neither let issues linger nor emptily complain. Instead, we develop solutions and act.

7. EFFICIENCY – Westside does not exist to maximize profit, yet we must nonetheless be an efficient, productive, and profitable business, or else we limit our ability to achieve our purpose.


Company Purpose

Westside Children’s Therapy provides high quality pediatric therapy and fosters a family-centered environment.


Company Mission

Westside’s current mission is to become the most respected and admired pediatric therapy company in the Chicagoland area. Amid growth,  Westside will remain vigilant in prioritizing our sole purpose of providing the highest quality pediatric therapy experience.


Our Culture

Our culture is non-negotiable. We love it too much. If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, then let’s talk. This is who we are:

We laugh a lot at work and think that work without laughing feels too empty

We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves

We sometimes forget that “our kids” are not really our kids

We get really excited about throwing a Halloween party in our parking lot every year

We provide stipends for coworkers to go out to dinner together

We don’t like big egos or people feeling like “their status” makes them exceptional – we view ourselves as an equal team all fighting for the same thing: great quality of care

We occasionally hide links to “Rick Roll” videos in our email chains

Sometimes we play oversized Jenga before we leave the office on our early release Fridays

We seem to have a strange proclivity for pranks

We once had a staff meeting interrupted by a singing woman dressed in a chicken suit (people shrugged off that experience alarmingly quickly)

We are almost universally Blackhawks fans and will go to games for staff events

One of our favorite staff events is going to a Cubs rooftop for a game even though half the time is spent stopping for bathroom breaks on the way there

Our co-workers are our friends

We are authentic

We hug a lot

We think big

We are willing to be vulnerable and give/receive feedback frequently

We think of ourselves as a “Team of Teams” – inspired by a book from our monthly book club

We are solution oriented, not complaint-oriented

We are not afraid to make mistakes, and we openly admit to our mistakes

We are proactive and prefer action over inaction

We treat all disciplines and teams as equal – that especially includes our billing and admin teams. They rock just as much as our therapists.

We live with deep passion – if you’re going to spend the majority of your week doing something, you might as well spend that time making a huge impact!

Required Skills:

Excellent interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships quickly with parents and families. The first impression is key and you should be great at making families feel great about Westside.

Effective communication skills – an ability to engage productively in new conversations with families, clients, and co-workers.

Have a strong ethical and moral compass – having instincts to always do right by co-workers, patients,  families, and medical professionals and to never stray from the business’s core mission of helping families

Have a genuine passion for helping children with special needs – if  knowing that your efforts are impacting the lives of children with special needs doesn’t truly warm your heart, then this is NOT the role for you

Have enormous sense of possibility and an unwavering can-do attitude – a challenge should excite you. We are looking for problem-solvers who are eager to “figure out a way” when given problems to solve.

Humility – an inclination to give credit to others when things go well and to  look to self as a possible source of blame when things go wrong.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Responsibilities

Responsibility #1: Manage a Caseload of Patients

-A BCBA’s caseload at Westside can range from 8-15 kids. The number of kids is determined by the hours of treatment each one receives.

-Your time would be split – 50% percent of your time would be directed to supervision and direct time with clients and 25% of your time would be spent writing ABA programs.

Responsibility #2: Provide Quality Treatment and Educate Families

-BCBAs target both behavioral excesses and deficits by working with children to decrease problem behaviors and increase functional and appropriate skills and behaviors. Target skills may include communication, language acquisition, play and social skills, academics, and adaptive daily living skills.

-Our BCBAs focus on treating physical and verbal aggression, property destruction, elopement, social skills, and functional communication among others. This is achieved through supervising RBTs, writing treatment plans and behavior plans, completing insurance updates (progress notes), and conducting parent trainings as needed.

-Determine ABA therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians.

-Ensure you are submitting your SOAP notes, Progress Notes, and evals in a timely manner.

-Treatment meets the patient’s goals and needs and the therapist provides quality care by assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results

-Support each kids’ progression and achievements. –

-Provide continual feedback to families and give parents exercises or activities they can perform at home.

Responsibility #3: Make Families Happy

-Westside’s primary responsibility is to make families happy. Anybody who comes through the front door should be treated as part of our Westside Family.

-Westside values relationships with its clients and families. You need to go out of your way to make sure families feel the warm Westside welcome.

-Our primary ambition is to help children achieve socially meaningful goals that increase their overall quality of life.

Responsibility #4: Collaborate with Other Disciplines

-Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure team understanding of student performance strengths and needs, through evaluation, educational program planning, and service delivery.

-Promote continuity of care across disciplines.

-Remind team to work with other discipline therapists to avoid contradictions.

Responsibility #5: Contribute to the Team

-Participate in weekly team meetings. Meetings typically discuss caseloads, new patients, new ideas, team outings, etc.


-Participation in these meetings is extremely important to increase the quality of care for the kids.


-Participates in continuing education for professional development to ensure therapy quality is improving.


-Employees are invited to participate in yearly career conversations with managers. Career goals, promotion opportunities, and current performance are discussed in these meetings. We make sure you are on track to get where you want to be.


Competitive and commensurate with qualifications

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